Offering NPO (Not For Porfit) discounts, Bartering Service & Charity Work (by application process)


We all know that life and business is operated out of the ideas, feelings and motivations of ones self. There are many stages of personal growth to consider.


Are you facing a challenge and seeking some one-on-one coaching for greater outcomes? I want to hear where you are at and help lead you to your individual and collective purpose. 

Are you working through difficulties with a client, family member, or employee? Let me give you some valuable insight and assist you with important communication tools.


Wether you've been running a business for years or you're just starting one; the right development and training opportunities can increase your profit margin, improve employee relations, connect better within community and also give you greater personal career satisfaction.

Have you considered a business analysis? Let's discuss how a new plan may serve you and your growing needs. Using the SWOT formula to stimulte your business mind will help to prepare and  arrange for your strategic business  development.


Public relations advance an organization or business reputation. Cultivating an emotional connection with individuals or groups can offer greater success rate for programs and collaberative results for community growth.Use me to influence your ability to make better connections and greater impact on all levels of community.

Are you working with an idea or goup and you want to offer it to better a community? I can help you understand how to target your audience, find finacial aid and get to know pertinant informaiton based on your desires. 

Do you have a new or existing service, product or idea and you want a fresh approach to building your brand? I want to share some creative and new ideas with you!