BTY (Bridging The Years Program)

Intergenerational Program Description


Intergenerational programs are part of the mentoring and relationship building solution. Programs include interactive experiences between local youth and the Senior residents of the Chilliwack community. 

These programs range from educational and informative discussions such as life decisions and family responsibilities to recreational activities such as darts and lawn bowling. The meetings provide a rewarding learning exchange for all as they extend respect for one another, encourage the sharing of ideas, and teach appreciation for different perspectives.


 Creating valuable relationships between youth and seniors through interactive activities and events.  


 A community where there are intergenerational connections that bridge the years to foster bonds between seniors and youth so they may learn from one another.  

Get Invovled!

We are looking for volunteers ages 8-100: If you have an interest in encouraging and mentoring a different generation for the purpose of connection, then we would love to work with you!

Please email us, we are excited to share more info with you!

If you are an organization in the community with an active program seeking an inter-generational approach or if you are interested in developing a project and looking for coaching, we have an inter-generational committee dedicated to supporting you.

please contact us for more information: